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Color Coated Aluminum Coil- 27 (10.1%)
Color Coated Aluminum Coil - 41 (15.4%)
Color Coated Aluminum Coil - 50 (18.7%)
Color Coated Aluminum Coil - 105 (39.3%)
Color Coated Aluminum Coil - 25 (9.4%)
total - 267 massages
date:3, 2016

The laminated steel sheet

The laminated steel sheet
The laminated steel sheet not only has the performance and advantages of regular PPGI, but also makes up for the color monotone of regular color coating plates. It has many kinds of surface effect and colors.
Good processing ability: Easy to cut, bend, form and punch.
Dustproof and antibacterial: Insulating air and amoisture, having fungus-resistant treatment.
Fire resistance: PVC, PET film laminated steel sheet use unique material, belonging to fire-proofing materials, fire resistance achieved B1 level, self extinguishing.
Durability: Long service life, easy maintenance, stable color and gloss
High-weather durability: Anti-ultraviolet, high erosion resistance
Environmental protection: Can be washed easily, scratch-resistant, reduce maintenance cost and manpower cost.
Laminated steel sheet is widely used in indoor Decoration: 
Fireproof Door, kitchen cabinet, wall decoration.
Shipping Industries: Ship, Yecht, Marine.
Elevator/Medical Equipment/Rubbish Bin.
Household Appliance:
1.Refrigerator door panels &side panels,Washer,Freezers, Air conditions,
2.Rice Cooker, Microwave Ovens,Water Heaters,Sterilization Cabinets, Range Hoods
3.Computer Panels, DVD/DVB panels,TV back panel etc.
4.Teaching Board: whiteboard,blackboard,greenboard(chalk board)
Wofeng is a professional well-known enterprise that is integrating the research and development, production and sales of various types of high-end color coated aluminum coil, color coated steel coil and laminated aluminum coil.
1.Focus on color coated sheet.
2.Strict 3-coating 3-baking process, precise printing.
3.Various patterns-wood, stone, brick, flower etc.
4.Original 5 suits printing technology , lifelike surface of the products.
5.Process with supplied samples; provide customization service.

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